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Lego-Type Hardwood Cat Tower

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Lego-Type Hardwood Cat Tower

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Made of high-quality natural hardwood, it is a natural cat tower that is safe to both people and cats. Designed to maximize the advantages of natural hardwood through minimum processing, it may be easily installed with only a drive. Because it is made of hardwood, it does not generate any harmful elements and protects cats from all kinds of skin diseases. It also plays the role of helping keep a healthy indoor environment by adjusting the moisture inside the house, removing odor and emitting anion. A scratch pad and cushion to help cats relieve stress as well as a manila rope (10m) may be purchased additionally as separate options. The product is a Do-It-Yourself product wherein the consumer has to assemble and each component is sent separately.
The product is 100 percent made in Korea.


  • The cat tower is a non-painted product with the feel of hardwood itself.
    It is possible to water wash it lightly, but avoid excessively dry or moist places given the characteristics of hardwood. Hardwood furniture contracts and expands depending on seasonal changes that small cracks may form. But with the passing of time, they restore their original state.
    If excessively tightening the screws with a driver, the screw holes may get damaged so only tighten to an appropriate level.
    The product is mostly handmade that a +,- 2cm error may exist from the standard size.


  • Body (Red pine hardwood) 830mm x 320mm x 840mm
    + support (spruce composite round timber)

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